On a beautiful day of January I have sung my first song on the earth. It was Tinsukia, Assam, where I was born under landscape of blue sky, picturesque tea gardens and the tunes of ‘Bihu’ in the air. Probably the natural beauty of my birthplace filled me with dreams of melodies, aspiration of being a singer.

I was a regular performer in my schools and college. I have started singing in cultural programs in different areas of Assam at a very early age and I was popular in the name of ‘Baby Mousumi’. I sung for Assameese movies and sung local songs. My first playback singing was in a Assameese movie ‘Dharma’ and my first album also was on Assameese songs.

I was a good athlete too (believe it or not!). I was a sprinter of fame in my academic years and won a lot of prizes for that.

Later I came to Calcutta (now Kolkata) and after that it was all about performing. I have performed almost in every metro and other cities of India. My first Album of Bengali song released on 1993. My first international tour was in 2002 when I presented myself in front of US audience

I am associated with the film and tele media of  Kolkata and Mubai closely as a playback singer, as an actress and both sometime. My First screen appearance as thelead character was in the mega-serial ‘Sandhyatara’. My screen presence in Hazabarala, Mayuri, Dayabaddha and others was popular choice of viewers.

I got awards for my albums, performances and acting. Kalakar, Bharat Nirman, Uttamkumar award, Bangla Chalachitra award are to name a few of them. But I still believe that the spontaneous joy and love of the people is the best award for my every performance.

I got my first training in classical music from Late Gopal Chandra Sen. Later I have got renowned classical singer Pandit Arun Bhaduri as my Guru. In modern Bengali music I was trained by Sri Jatileswar Mukhopadhyay and Pandit Anand Gupta (LUCKNOW gharana).

I always have dreamt for the day to come when I shall fill the globe with my music, touch every heart on this earth with my melodies…..the dream will come true ….one day……. I know ..

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